Some frequently asked questions on the services and grants of Access Wisconsin.

How do I know what grant amount I will recieve?

Access Wisconsin will notify you of your grant award after your application has been reviewed and some information is verified.  You will notified of the status of your application once the process is complete.  

what is the role of a business advisor?

Develop America Certified Business Advisors provide business development services, which may include business plan development, financial analysis and projections, financial statement development, and assistance securing financing for an expansion project.

How will I receive grant funds?

Business are award grants and the grants are often used to pay for business advisory services and in some cases new equipment.  To pay for business advisory services, the grantee will be provided a voucher and the voucher can be reimbursed for services rendered.

Are grant funds taxable?

Typically, the money you receive from a small-business grant (regardless of the source) is taxed as income on your federal tax return. In addition, although state tax laws vary, you may also have to report grant funds as income on your state tax returns.

How long does the process take? when will funds be available?

Depends on  the sizeo of the project, the completeness of the application.   We work to notify applicants within seven business days of whether they received an award and the award amount.   

Can I apply for more than one grant?

Applicants can recieve only one grant award per year. A business can submit as many applications as they want.

Can I use the grant to pay down a loan?


Is there a fee to apply for a grant?


Are grants restricted to particular racial/ethnic groups?

Any person/business can apply for a grant.  The source of grant funds may put restrictions on what type of business is eligible for a grant.   Some grants require that a majority of a businesses ownership be a member of a minority group, a woman or veteran.

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